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The Conference of all student’s councils (FSK, Fachschaftskonferenz) is the representative body of the Program student’s councils (FSV, Fachschaftsvertretunugen) at the European University of Flensburg.

The FSK is particularly important for the students within the individual programs for which they are elected, as they represent their interests within the programs. In order to be able to work efficiently and on a common and strong organizational basis for overarching interests, the FSK is required.

It is the informing, coordinating and organizing body of all program student’s councils and also a permanent discussion forum. It thus serves to identify common interests and to represent them at the university level vis-à-vis the AStA (the general student’s council), the StuPa (student’s parliament), the teaching staff and the university administration.

According to § 23 (5) of the organizational statutes of the EUF student body, the FSK has the right to propose appointments to the AStA’s department for student’s councils matters.

In practical terms, this means that the FSK exchanges information about interdisciplinary problems / challenges, coordinates joint events and acts as a mouthpiece for the other central bodies. For example, the FSK can advise on the amount of money earmarked in the budget for the programs student’s councils and send a recommendation for a resolution to the student’s parliament.

The FSK, which meets at least twice per semester at the invitation of the Presidium, is made up of the program student’s councils themselves. A two-person chair is elected. The chairmanship is supplemented by other people who are interested in leading the FSK. Together with the two chairpersons, they make up the Presidium. The Presidium is currently composed of:

  • Chairwoman: Andine Petersen (FSV Textile)
  • Chairman: Frank Ellenberger (FSV Transformation studies)
  • Member of Presidium: Benjamin Christian Hatje (FSV Mathematics)
  • Member of Presidium: Edgar Beier-Salomon (FSV History)

The following e-mail address is available for information on the student council conference: fsk@uni-flensburg.de

Presidium of FSK
The current presidium (from left to right): Frank, Andine, Edgar, Benjamin

Unfortunately, the minutes of the FSK meetings are only available in German. You can download them from the German site (click on the German flag in the top right corner).

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