The AStA – Department of Political Education is made up of us: Janko, Natalie/Florian and Marie.

Our task is to…
… (1) to preserve and convey the free democratic basic order.
… (2) organize panel discussions to represent all political spectrums.
… (3) to promote political participation.
… (4) to organize the MUN (Model United Nations) and get-together’s digitally as well as in person.

We are currently working on establishing a regular (digital) get-together’s for you. We want to discuss international, national and regional topics with you. Exchange opinions, pick up ideas and initiate changes in campus life. And since we are in an election year, debates with all kinds of parties are planned here. Stay tuned!

Political education means finding opinions.

If you have ideas, no matter for which direction: Topics, actions or opinions, then get in touch with us:

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