Financial project support by the AStA

You have a project idea from which students can benefit and need financial support?

Then we can support you financially.

All you need to do is to submit the following application to the AStA. There it will be voted on in a meeting.

Application-Funding-AStA (only available in German)  Download

A little help with the application


  • Applications of 1,000€ or more must be submitted to the student parliament!
  • Applications cannot be submitted after the end of an event!
  • It is recommended to obtain several offers!
  • The request must be made at least 6 days before an AStA meeting.


Applicant: unit, university group, stud. initiative, students


  • What should happen? / What should be purchased? 
  • When and where should the event take place? / With whom is it to be purchased?
  • How many people should participate? / How many people will use it?
  • Cost breakdown: What are the costs and why? What happens with the surpluses? Co-sponsoring: who else is involved in the financing
  • Why should it be paid out of student funds? What is the added value for the student body? 

Procedure at the AStA meeting:

  1. Application is presented
  2. Comprehension questions can be asked
  3. Discussion
  4. If necessary, amendments by AStA members
  5. Decision

  • A motion needs a simple majority of the present members of the AStA.
  • A rejected application may be resubmitted or modified at any time.


  • Principle: No money without receipt. We need the original receipt.
  • Invoices can also be sent to us by mail.
  • For larger sums, the invoice can be made out to us and we will transfer the money to the specified location.
  • Money laid out can be picked up in cash at the AStA or transferred to the account without cash.

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