§74 Hochschulgesetz Schleswig-Holstein

(1) The students make financial contributions that are available to the student body for the fulfilment of its statutory duties (student body contribution).
(2) The student parliament issues a contribution statute, which requires the approval of the executive committee. These statutes must contain provisions on the obligation to contribute and the amount of the contribution according to (1). Contributions that enable students to use public transport at reasonable prices must be shown separately, as must contributions to finance costs that may arise in individual cases due to reimbursement. Furthermore, it shall be provided that students may be exempted from the obligation to pay those portions of the student body contribution that relate to the tasks under section §72 (2) No. 4 if they would represent an unreasonable burden under the circumstances of the individual case.

The contribution of 181€ in FrSe 2021 is composed as follows:
63€ student union,
11€ AStA contribution,
1€ hardship case fund,
36€ local semester ticket,
115€ semester ticket-SH

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