We would like to inform you about the possibilities for disadvantage compensation for child rearing and pregnancy.

While studying, the legal regulations that apply in professional life (e.g. maternity protection, parental leave, ...) essentially apply to pregnancy. In a personal consultation, the StuBS offers an overview of the possibilities for disadvantage compensation at the EUF (e.g. in the case of health problems, ...) for students who become pregnant during their studies.

Für die Umsetzung der Nachteilsausgleiche an der Uni ist der EUF family service Ansprechpartnerin für schwangere Studentinnen.

Under BAföG, students who have health problems during pregnancy have the opportunity to compensate for this disadvantage (funding beyond the maximum funding period).

You can get detailed information for pregnant students in a personal consultation. Introductory information info sheet pregnancy

Children's education
In the study programme, the special needs of students with child(ren) under the age of 14 are addressed (including priority registration for seminars, modification of services, ...).

The EUF Family Service is the contact for the implementation of disadvantage compensation at the university.

Various modalities are anchored in the BAföG for students who live in a household with children up to the age of 10 (e.g. the childcare allowance, appropriate funding beyond the maximum funding limit, income tax allowances, ...).

Detailed information for students with children is available in a personal consultation. Introductory information Info Sheet Child.

The counselling sessions are subject to confidentiality and can be conducted anonymously.

The consultations are introductory information and do not replace legal advice from a lawyer.

Use the open office hours for a personal consultation Beratungsangebot StuBS.

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